You can help Alabama's injured & orphaned wild birds through the Adopt-a-Bird Program!

Your gift to our Adopt-a-Bird Program can make a life or death difference. The Adopt-a-Bird program directly benefits injured and orphaned native birds with all proceeds going towards the medical needs, care and feeding of birds at the Alabama Wildlife Center.

Adoptions make terrific gifts for your favorite animal lover. Select a bird and enter recipient information. We will send your honoree a handsome Certificate of Adoption bearing a color photograph of your chosen bird that acknowledges your gift to them. We'll also send you a confirmation notice when your gift is mailed. (Please note that processing time for the Adopt-a-Bird gift is 10-14 days.)

Adopt-A-Bird flyer - download flyer to print or email

Barn Owl

Pileated Woodpecker Brown-headed

Night Heron

Blue Jay  Red-tailed Hawk  Muscovy Duck  Hummingbird
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Please note: The Adopt-a-Bird Program is a contribution to help the birds we care for. You will not be receiving an actual animal in return for your contribution.

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