Dear Friends of the Alabama Wildlife Center,

February 2 was an exciting day for the AWC and for all nonprofit organizations in the State of Alabama.  During this first Alabama Gives Day, more than $700,000 was donated to nonprofit organizations throughout the State of Alabama.  This could not have happened without the sponsors and organizers of this philanthropic event -- Alabama Association of Nonprofits, Alabama Broadcasters Association, razoo, Intermark Group, Alabama Giving, -- and you.

Thanks to each one of you who took the time and made the effort to spread the word and donate to the Alabama Wildlife Center.  The final count is still not confirmed, but through your generosity we raised more than $3000. AWC is ranked among the top  50 participating nonprofit organizations in donations on this day.  You exceeded our expectations for this first Alabama Gives Day and we look forward with anticipation to next year's event.  Thank you for this tremendous show of support for the mission of the Alabama Wildlife Center and thank you for caring about our wild birds!


Carol Argo



Executive Director