Click to download desktop wallpaper of Coosa (Barred Owl)

Click to download desktop wallpaper of Ireland (Red-tailed Hawk)

Click to download desktop wallpaper of Natchez (Mississippi Kite)

Enjoy your Free Desktop Wallpaper!

Please enjoy these free downloadable desktop wallpaper images of the Alabama Wildlife Center's three Education Birds:

Download Coosa (Barred Owl)

Download Ireland (Red-tailed Hawk)

Download Natchez (Mississippi Kite)

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Liz Masoner is a freelance photographer with more than 20 years of photography experience. Her images have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and other publications such as Nature Friend and Bee Culture. She is also the Photography Guide for Her Nature's Reflection: Teaching Nature Photography magazine can be purchased online at, with 50% percent of the profits donated to the Alabama Wildlife Center. Liz frequently volunteers her professional services as a photographer to AWC.

Click on the download bird (the text name or small image) you want and right click to "Save Picture As..." to download it to your computer. Once you have downloaded a wallpaper, you can replace the wallpaper currently on your system by going to the "Start" menu and selecting "Control Panel." There will be a "Desktop Background" under "Personalize Appearance & Sounds." When you choose this option, a window will come up in which you can browse your computer for the desktop wallpaper you downloaded. Once you select the desktop wallpaper file, click "OK." Your screen will blink and the new image will appear as the background on your computer screen. (Your computer system may vary slightly, but these instructions should help.)